ROST has launched the third phase of the Lukhovitsy Vegetables greenhouse complex

16 December 2022
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The new phase will expand the cultivated area of Lukhovitsy Vegetables by 16.3 hectares and enable the harvest of up to 15,000 tons of cucumbers and over 3,500 tons of tomatoes per year.


The distinguishing feature of the LuKhovitsky district is its unique humid microclimate, extended frost-free period, and water composition rich in microelements.


In our greenhouses, we create and maintain an ideal microclimate throughout the year. Automated irrigation systems, lighting, and plant growth dynamics control ensure stable product quality. We use biological protection - entomophages, and bumblebees for pollination to ensure exceptionally tasty vegetables. We do not use pesticides or chemicals.


The construction of new phases will increase year-round supplies to Moscow Oblast and neighboring regions.


"For example, two years ago, an unparalleled packaging and distribution center for storing and processing fresh vegetable produce was put into operation at Lukhovitsy Vegetables. Now, another new greenhouse complex has been built, which is already the third phase of the project. Over 4.8 billion rubles of investment have been allocated to the construction stage," said Georgy Filimonov, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of Moscow Oblast, responsible for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production.


The Lukhovitsy Vegetables greenhouse complex has created over 200 job positions.


ROST is the leader in the protected ground vegetable market in Russia. The company includes 16 greenhouse complexes throughout Russia, where hybrids are grown for well-known brands such as Honeycomb, Flamenco, Sweet Berry, and Lukhovitsy Vegetables.