The ROST Group acquires Ovoshchevod in Volgogradskaya Oblast

25 December 2023
Ботаника Овощевод.jpg

Ovoshchevod is a modern greenhouse complex in the city of Volzhsky. The production area of ​​the greenhouses is 68.3 hectares, and the yield is 47,000 tonnes of vegetables per year. Cucumbers and tomatoes are grown in the greenhouse complex, which are sold under the Botanika brand. 


The enterprise has its own seedling facility and a bio-laboratory where beneficial entomophagous insects are bred for pest control. Vegetables are grown without the use of chemicals and are in compliance with product quality standards. 


On the territory of Ovoshchevod, there are two logistics centers where vegetables are cooled and then supplied to automated distribution lines for sizing and packaging.


The production employs more than 1,100 employees, who bring the total staff of ROST to 12,000 people. 


"This transaction is fully consistent with the strategy of the ROST Group to increase the production of our most beloved and popular brands among consumers: Flamenco, Medovye, and Sladkaya Yagoda. We set the highest standards in the market and create trends in vegetable tastes. 

Ovoshchevod became the twenty-first greenhouse complex of the ROST Group. The total area of ​​greenhouse complexes is now more than 700 hectares," shared the ROST Group.