The first production stage of the Teplichnoye greenhouse complex has been modernized in Mordovia

30 August 2023
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The modernization of the first phase began in 2021 and was put into operation at the end of this summer.

The area of the active greenhouses has increased by 8.79 hectares and is now 31 hectares. Modern agricultural technologies have been implemented: the phase is equipped with automated central control. Sensors monitor the microclimate, irrigation, lighting, and growth dynamics of plants, and transmit all the information to the central computer. Specialists watch the development of plants and the ripening of the crop in real time.

In the modernized block, tomatoes and cucumbers will be grown. This is 9.3 thousand tons of crop per year. Today, the block is already yielding a crop of vivid red Flamenco tomatoes.

The implementation of modern technologies will allow for the cultivation of new hybrids in Teplichnoye, fully provide Mordovia with tasty vegetables, and supply vegetables to other regions of the country. With the introduction of the first phase into operation, 124 jobs have been created for the residents of the Republic.

As in other complexes, Teplichnoye does not use pesticides and chemicals to protect plants. Only biological methods - entomophages and bumblebees. Teplichnoye is the only complex in Mordovia that grows fresh vegetables year-round.

The opening was attended by Artem Zdunov, the Head of the Republic of Mordovia. He presented certificates to the employees of the enterprise and expressed gratitude to the ROST company for its contribution to the development and construction of the agro-industrial complex in Mordovia.

Watch the report to see how the opening went