Sweet Berry 

Challenging the stereotype about the color and shape of a tomato

We grow 100% natural cherry tomatoes with thick, crunch skin, explosive sweetness and juicy pulp

Vegetable or berry?

Botanically speaking, tomatoes are berries. They are equally vibrant, aromatic, and distinctly sweet, although they are used as vegetables in culinary practices. Our Sweet Berry collection offers you an array of flavors, colors, and shapes. Sweet and crunchy or juicy and tangy? Cherry or cocktail? Yellow or purple? Try the most unconventional vegetables.


Sweet Berry is a collection of the most extraordinary tomatoes, and we definitely recommend trying them all. Can’t decide which ones to start with? Press the button and choose what you like best!

Which ones should you try first?


We produce fresh and delicious vegetables for you year-round, overseeing every step of the process

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