On-air: "Feast of Red Shades FLAMENCO"

14 March 2023
фееерия (1).png

On March 13th, the national advertising campaign for the brand of bright red tomatoes, FLAMENCO, was launched. This is the first national campaign among vegetable producers in the Russian market.


The ROSТ Group first created brands for fresh vegetables and exclusively cultivates unique varieties in its greenhouses throughout Russia.

"The Feast of Red Shades FLAMENCO" is aired throughout Russia on major TV channels such as Russia 1, Channel One, NTV, TNT, CTC, Fifth Channel, Domashniy, TV Center, TV 3, Rent TV, Russia 24, as well as on digital and Smart TVs.


The bright red FLAMENCO tomatoes have gained popularity not only for their appearance but also for their taste. Chefs appreciate their versatility in cooking, thanks to their juicy flesh, vibrant color, and long-lasting tomato aftertaste.