Honeycomb are probably
the sweetest tomatoes in the world

We selected varieties with unique flavor and texture for our collection and exclusively grow them in Russia. We are confident you will not find tomatoes like these anywhere else!

Distinctive tomatoes

Rich, sweet, with hints of honey. Their fresh aroma evokes delicate flowers and vibrant fruits. And the unique "crunchy" texture provides an extraordinary gastronomic experience: imagine a dense, crunchy skin hiding a juicy and sweet interior. It’s impossible to resist these tomatoes!


Red cherry tomatoes

Their flavor is a blend of ripe peach, daring lime, and green apple. Explosive sweetness pairs with delicate honey notes, while a hint of acidity adds refinement. The crunchy texture contributes to their brightness, character, and uniqueness.

Orange cherry tomatoes

The flavor of these tomatoes is a multifaceted and fresh bouquet of gooseberries and white-and-orange flowers. The taste is equally rich and textured: vibrant, explosive, and crunchy with a balanced sweetness and hints of honey.
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