About the complex

Ovoshchevod is a modern fifth-generation greenhouse complex in the city of Volzhsky. There are two distribution centers located on the territory of the complex.

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No chemicals: In the greenhouses, we use only natural biological protection methods: entomophagous insects. Bumblebees pollinate the plants, just like in nature.

Modern technologies: The complex is equipped with automated systems that maintain stable temperature and humidity parameters and ensure the individual watering of plants. We monitor the dynamics of plant growth and development in real time to obtain a healthy and delicious harvest.

Care for the environment: The facility reuses water by passing it through multi-stage filters for a new irrigation cycle. With the help of the GPU, the complex uses thermal energy for heating, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Economical irrigation Economical irrigation
No chemicals No chemicals
Ideal microclimate Ideal microclimate
Exclusive varieties Exclusive varieties
Phytosanitary regime Phytosanitary regime
Supplemental lighting Supplemental lighting

Geographic locations

The Ovoshchevod greenhouse plant is located in the city of Volzhsky. This is one of the largest cities in Volgogradskaya Oblast and a large industrial center of the Lower Volga region.

Volgogradskaya Oblast