About the complex

Martynovsky is the first greenhouse complex in the Trans-Urals.

total area
year of opening


No chemicals: plants are pollinated by bumblebees, and pests are controlled by entomophagous insects. Controlled microclimate, irrigation and lighting enable plants to reach their potential without pesticides.

Modern technologies: the production process is fully automated, including the microclimate control, lighting, irrigation schedule, ventilation, and CO2 content in the room.

Eco-friendly: we control the consumption of water and natural gas: we collect rainwater and meltwater, purify and reuse it. We convert gas into electricity and use thermal energy to heat the greenhouses at night.

Economical irrigation Economical irrigation
No chemicals No chemicals
Ideal microclimate Ideal microclimate
Exclusive varieties Exclusive varieties
Phytosanitary regime Phytosanitary regime
Supplemental lighting Supplemental lighting


The greenhouse complex was built in Kurgan Oblast, in the Trans-Ural. Thanks to this complex, we provide the stores of the region with a harsh climate with fresh vegetables all year round. We harvest and deliver them to the stores on the same day so that you receive products at the peak of their ripeness and taste.

Kurgan Oblast