About the complex

Gorny is the only greenhouse complex in the mining area.

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No chemicals: we use only natural methods of plant protection and growth in our greenhouses. We use entomophagous insects to protect vegetables from pests. We use bumblebees for pollination and we maintain an ideal microclimate for active growth.

Modern technologies: we use modern management systems to maintain the microclimate, supplemental lighting and drip irrigation, providing targeted airflow distribution and heating inside.

Eco-friendly: we use absolutely neutral mineral substrate. It allows to use water for irrigation rationally, to control useful substances and to provide pure plant nutrition.

Economical irrigation Economical irrigation
No chemicals No chemicals
Ideal microclimate Ideal microclimate
Exclusive varieties Exclusive varieties
Phytosanitary regime Phytosanitary regime
Supplemental lighting Supplemental lighting


The agricultural complex is located in Ust-Katav, Chelyabinsk Oblast. It got its name due to the landscape, as it was built in the mining and industrial area. The complex is located close to the Ural Highway, which allows delivering ripe vegetables to stores in the region and other cities.

Chelyabinsk Oblast