Belogorye Greenhouses


About the complex

The greenhouse complex in the south of Central Russia. We control every stage of the growth of our vegetables so that you always get the best.

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No chemicals: the central computer monitors every stage of growth, maintains the microclimate inside the greenhouses, controls the watering schedule and the system of supplementary lighting.

Modern technologies: we use only natural methods of protection against pests: entomophages and bumblebees. We create ideal and controlled conditions for plants, without using pesticides and GMOs.

Eco-friendly: the greenhouse complex has its own energy center that provides energy and heating. We control the consumption of water and gas. We collect and recycle water. We save thermal energy and use it to heat our greenhouses.

Economical irrigation Economical irrigation
No chemicals No chemicals
Ideal microclimate Ideal microclimate
Exclusive varieties Exclusive varieties
Phytosanitary regime Phytosanitary regime
Supplemental lighting Supplemental lighting


The greenhouse complex is located in the south of Central Russia, in Belgorod Oblast. There are comfortable climatic conditions: lots of sun, mild winters and long summers. And the proximity to the transport hubs in the region allows us to quickly deliver ripe vegetables to nearby cities and regions all year round, directly from a branch to store shelves.

Belgorod Oblast