About the complex

Agrokultura is a modern greenhouse complex in the Moscow region with supplementary lighting technology, a controlled microclimate, watering, and monitoring of plant growth and status.

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No chemicals: The plants are pollinated by bumblebees, and for protection we use natural methods: insects. Positive air pressure in the greenhouses prevents most pests from entering.

Modern technologies: the complex is equipped with automated control systems, which allow the maintenance of specified parameters of temperature and humidity, the individual watering of plants, and the monitoring of growth and development dynamics in real time, to obtain a high-quality and delicious harvest.

Care for the environment: Rainwater, melt water, and water remaining after irrigation is reused, being passed through multi-stage filters for a new cycle. Energy-saving lamps not only allow increasing the length of daylight hours, but also maintaining heat in the greenhouse, spending several times less energy.

Economical irrigation Economical irrigation
No chemicals No chemicals
Ideal microclimate Ideal microclimate
Exclusive varieties Exclusive varieties
Phytosanitary regime Phytosanitary regime
Supplemental lighting Supplemental lighting

Geographic locations

The Agrokultura greenhouse plant is located 130 km from Moscow, in the Kashira district. This is the second complex in the Moscow region, which has increased the volume of exclusive hybrids and is providing fresh vegetables to the residents of central Russia.

Moskovskaya Oblast