Flamenco: genuine

red tomatoes

A passion for taste: genuine premium-class tomatoes of an exceptionally vibrant color. Bright red, both inside and outside

The collection's history

Our goal was to create the perfect tomato. The question was, "What should it be like to truly satisfy everyone?"

We sought the answer from professional chefs. As a result, we found the essential formula! The ’perfect’ tomato should be intensely red, not just on the outside, but also on the inside, juicy, and definitely aromatic.

We conducted hundreds of tastings with leading seed companies worldwide to find such tomatoes. Now, they are exclusively featured in the Flamenco collection.


Flamenco are deep red tomatoes, especially rich in lycopene. It is a natural pigment. The more lycopene, the brighter the color of the fruit.

It is a powerful antioxidant strengthening the cardiovascular system, slowing the aging process, keeping the skin young, and helping prevent eye diseases. It is not produced in the body, but comes only with food.

The daily rate is 8–10 mg, that equals 1–2 plum-shaped tomatoes or a small cluster of cherry tomatoes.

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